Why [online] personal training?

  • Online personal training helps busy people establish a convenient and effective workout program at home, work, traveling or anywhere.
  • Expert fitness guidance, motivation and accountability by Dana or Jeff.
  • Private login to view your workouts, instructions, pics and videos.
  • One-on-one personal training sessions in the privacy of your own space.
  • Skype and Facetime video conferencing is completely free.
  • More convenient workouts means more consistent workouts.
  • No expensive gym membership or time wasted driving to the gym.
  • No monthly commitment or minimum!

Step 1

We review your medical history
and fitness goals with you.

The first step is to review your medical history and personal fitness goals. Our questionnaire takes into account any of your cardio risk factors, orthopedic conditions and other health concerns. You can specify as many different fitness goals as you have (weight loss, core, muscle, endurance, flexibility, etc.).

Step 2

We create your customized
workout program + login.

We will create a customized workout program according to your medical factors, fitness goals, where you workout, how often you workout, and exercise equipment that is available to you. You can access your private workout online (or by email), with instructions, pics and/or videos to help you learn each exercise correctly.

Step 3

You schedule online training sessions when you want.

Schedule online training sessions when you want additional guidance, motivation or fine-tuning of your program as you go along. There's no minimum or commitment. For best results, we recommend some type of regular training schedule to keep you accountable and update your workouts as you progress.

New Client Packages

Consultation = $75 (includes custom workout program + client portal)

Consultation + 1 Session = $140 ($10 savings)

Consultation + 2 Sessions = $200 ($25 savings)

Consultation + 4 Sessions = $325 ($50 savings) *most popular

Consultation + 8 Sessions = $600 ($75 savings)

Consultation + 12 Sessions = $850 ($125 savings) *best value

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Choose a package:

Extra Sessions (Existing Clients)

1 Session = $75

2 Sessions = $140 ($10 savings)

4 Sessions = $275 ($25 savings) *most popular

8 Sessions = $525 ($75 savings)

12 Sessions = $775 ($125 savings)

16 Sessions = $1025 ($175 savings) *best value

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to try online personal training?

You don't need anything to receive a consultation and customized workout program. You can choose to have your workout materials provided through our client portal or emailed to you. If you want online personal training sessions through video conferencing, you will need a computer, webcam, fast internet connection, and Skype or Facetime installed on your computer.

What is Skype and Facetime, and how do I get them?

Skype and Facetime are popular video conferencing applications. They are free to download and free to use. You can download Skype or download Facetime from their respective sites. Installation is easy, and we can help if you run into any problems.

Who will be creating my workout program and training me?

You can specify your preference between working with Dana or Jeff in our new client questionnaire. Otherwise, we will decide who is a better fit for you based on your questionnaire.

What happens after I purchase a new client package through PayPal?

Either Dana or Jeff (you can choose in the questionnaire) will contact you to introduce themselves. Please complete our new client questionnaire and waiver form online.

Can I do my workouts on my own or do I need to schedule online training sessions?

We provide descriptions, pics and/or videos to help you learn each exercise on your own. You can workout on your own or schedule online training sessions for additional guidance, motivation, and accountability.

Do I need exercise equipment at home for my workouts?

We often recommend purchasing small fitness equipment such as fitness balls, dumbbells, bands, medicine balls, etc. to allow for better exercises in your program. We cover exercise equipment in our new client questionnaire and can work with whatever you have.